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  steve is a pianist, synth player, composer, producer,

    teacher and author working mostly in jazz-related fields of music.

    he lives in london  UK

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‘the keyboard handbook’

is attracting attention.....

[check the library for details...]

“The musical examples are very enjoyable to play:the styles sound authentic,and they fit the hand well.”[American Music Teacher magazine]

‘bout time 2’

on itunes

a collection of groovy tunes that will stimulate head and heart.......

[don’t forget to check out ‘Above the Clouds’ as well.......]

new solo piano album ‘...tied up with strings’

now available

on sospiro [noir] records....

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‘...inspiring set from cross-genre piano explorer’

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4 star Guardian

john fordham writes:

‘It’s an inspiring set for devotees of the piano, and for broadminded practitioners of it.’

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clic here to view album in ituneshttps://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/...tied-up-with-strings/id939365955