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  steve is a pianist, synth player, composer, producer,

    teacher and author working mostly in jazz-related fields of music.

    he lives in london  UK

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‘the keyboard handbook’

is attracting attention.....

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“The musical examples are very enjoyable to play:the styles sound authentic,and they fit the hand well.”[American Music Teacher magazine]

‘bout time 2’

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a collection of groovy tunes that will stimulate head and heart.......

[don’t forget to check out ‘Above the Clouds’ as well.......]

solo piano album ‘...tied up with strings’


on sospiro [noir] records....

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‘...inspiring set from cross-genre piano explorer’

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4 star Guardian

john fordham writes:

‘It’s an inspiring set for devotees of the piano, and for broadminded practitioners of it.’

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clic here to view album in ituneshttps://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/...tied-up-with-strings/id939365955

this just in!

BBC radio 3 in the form of the brilliant sarah walker played the 1st track of ‘...tied up with strings’ on 23/10/22 ,and this is what she said:

“…You might think that medieval music and jazz would make strange bedfellows but the pianist Steve Lodder creates a really successful blend on the first track of his album ‘Tied Up With Strings’. Now, Steve is a mighty virtuoso - so expect some real fireworks after the rather dour medieval opening; but what I really enjoy is the way he digs into that medieval harmonic strangeness and emphasises those notes that don’t belong in polite classical scales, adding plenty of his own wild harmonic imagination. Then, after an amazing fantasy, he returns us to the straight-faced medieval melody of the Retrové-Estampie”.

find it here:    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001d62h


a long time ago,steve and shanti jayasinha [trumpet/flugel] recorded an album in the dartington great hall; now you can listen on ‘Bandcamp’ and indeed purchase the aforesaid album. it’s a mixture of scintillating originals and standards as you can see....